iTeeth Dental Hub on Android


iTeeth Dental Hub on Android


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Developed By : MANO ACADEMY
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  • Administration

  • Clinic Search

  • Clinic Rating

  • Dental care tips


The proposed system is a mobile based system which can be accessed by patient from anywhere around the world. The system can offer number of dental clinics from doctors in different locations.

A doctor directly registers into this system using this system user interface without any manual approach. He can pay his amount for advertising his own clinic through submitting the details.

The proposed system can accept any type of dental clinic, this system interface support to the doctors to upload their product image into the system. A patient directly interacts with this dental clinic image and gets necessary information regarding the dental clinic.

The proposed system accepts ranking from the patients to reserve any dental clinic for own purpose. Administration play vital role here. Administrator can able to communicate the reservation information of any dental clinic to that particular doctor using this system.


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