Dot Net Online Franchisee Management System


Dot Net Online Franchisee Management System


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Developed By : MANO ACADEMY
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  • Coding Language : ASP.Net with C#

  • Data Base : SQL Server 2005.


    The proposed system categories and follows these modules to implement

    Login component

    • Administrator(Head office manager)

    • Franchise Manager

    • Student

    Administrator Component

    • Administrator

    Franchise Manager Component

    • Franchise Manager

    Student Component

      • Fee Details

      • Exam Details


    System Help


    The goal of the system is to bring down the work load with the increased efficiency and to speed up the activities. With this it is very easy to process course fee that is collected time to time from students who are registered and studying at franchisees. This system will help controlling officer to monitor the performance of franchisees at any point of time.

    The proposed system provides real time communication between the users irrespective of geographical boundaries. The users can communicate effectively over a certain topic without having to meet in personal. It serves as a fine alternative to face-to-face conferences.


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