Bluetooth based chatting system using android


Bluetooth based chatting system using android


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Bluetooth based chatting system using android


This is a bluetooth messaging app you can connect and send messages to other android devices and see bluetooth compatible devices around you. No GSM or Wifi connection required all you need is a two bluetooth compatible android devices in range of each other and you can text away. To chat with a user, select it from the list and press ‘Ping’ to send a welcome message. The other user may do the same. As the welcome message is displayed, use right or left soft key to accept or reject the chat session. Once the session is accepted, the chat starts with colourful text to differentiate users. In addition to this person-to-person chat, chat rooms can be used to gather a number of buddies.


  • Scanning for other Bluetooth devices

  • Querying the local Bluetooth adapter for paired Bluetooth devices

  • Establishing RFCOMM channels/sockets

  • Connecting to a remote device

  • Transferring data over Bluetooth


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